Innovation and Thought Leadership in Licensing and Regulation

One would be challenged to find a professional services agency that matches our passion and commitment to regulation. Beyond our management consulting and communications service offerings, we developed and maintain exclusive professional services and innovative digital solutions to support regulatory bodies in Canada and around the world. 

A worldwide hub of opportunities in licensing and regulation, was launched in January 2024, following the successful hub released in 2019, which become Canada’s go-to site for employment opportunities in the regulatory sector.

RegulatoryJobs Executive Recruitment

MDR Strategy Group Ltd. provides exclusive and customized executive search services to Canadian regulators.  Our in-depth experience provides us with a unique lens into the industry, trends, and priorities and enables us to more easily and efficiently identify, qualify, and retain the right experts for the opportunity.

Canadian Regulatory Guide

Canada’s most comprehensive directory of regulatory bodies with links to more than 500 organizations’ websites, public registers, information on filing complaints against licensed professionals, and discipline decisions.

The Registrar Magazine - stacked

The Registrar magazine

The Registrar magazine – a national publication for the Canadian licensing and professional regulation sector.

Published quarterly, this digital magazine features news, updates, and a peek into the work and lives of the people who dedicate their careers to protecting the public.

The Registrar Magazine - stacked

The Registrar podcast

The Registrar podcast features interviews with professionals who commit their careers to protect the public interest. 

Hosted by MDR Strategy Group CEO, Daniel Roukema, this video-enabled podcast discusses the ins and outs of licensing and professional regulation and includes a lighter approach to learn more about the show’s guests.