Creating the right communications framework is the backbone of an organization’s reputation. It also serves as a critical ingredient in managing risk.

From development to deployment, we apply the right strategies that enable clients to deliver to their audiences with purpose and impact.

A full-service strategy and design partner, we are natural storytellers whose strength comes from experience and the unique ability to tailor deliverables easily for their intended audiences.

Annual report writing and production

With extensive experience across corporate, non-profit and regulatory organizations, our team is skilled at designing, writing and packaging annual reports of all sizes. We work closely with your team to present your organizations yearly impact in a way thats powerful, compelling and reaches its desired audience

Brand Development

Whether youre developing a brand from the ground up or looking to refresh an established brand, our team brings a holistic approach to growing your organizations profile using print, digital and social communication strategies

Campaign management

We oversee planning, execution and analysis of targeted communications campaigns. If you have a specific event, service or offering that needs higher visibility, our team will lead the way

Communications planning

Our experienced communication leaders can help you identify and map both short and long-term communication plans. Well assess your current assets, look for opportunities and deliver a comprehensive, actionable plan to help you reach your communications goals

Communications support

If you need support executing your regular communications activities, our professionals are available to assist on both a short and long-term basis. We work closely with your team to provide seamless support, be it with social media, content updates, or one-off communications projects


Our team of journalists, marketers and academics work together to craft persuasive and educational copy for all your platforms. Be it for email campaigns, websites, social media or corporate documents, our professional writers deliver copy thats topical and effective.

Crisis communications

Our team helps you prepare for – and respond to – urgent brand or industry crises. We provide proactive media training, crisis planning and consistent key messaging. In an emergency, we   serve as an extension of your leadership team to deliver prompt, accurate and persuasive messaging, while coaching your spokespeople to remain confident and collected under the spotlight 

Executive brand management and career advancement support

Looking to grow your profile as an executive or make the next move in your career? Our customized communication plans prioritize visibility and brand growth on an individual level

Graphic design

Our creative team designs and executes visual branding across print, digital and motion graphic platforms. Whether youre looking for an early-stage branding package or a custom product to enhance visibility, our team has the tools to get your organization noticed

Interim leadership support

During periods of organizational change, our experienced executives are available to provide short-term, strategic support for your team. Be it project management, high-level communications planning or team leadership, our executives have the skills to provide seamless continuity in challenging times

Issues and media monitoring

We keep you informed about targeted industry issues and brand sentiment across local, regional and global media channels. Our reports are timely, customized and delivered right to you. Find out more.

Magazine and newsletter production

Our team of journalists and editors can help you take your branded editorial products to the next level, including the writing, research, editing, packaging and distribution of media publications

Media relations

We help your organization grow its media presence by nurturing genuine relationships with the press, identifying opportunities for positive coverage and ensuring your spokespeople have the tools to skillfully navigate the interview process. 

Project management

Throughout all phases of the project management life cycle, our team provides leadership for both short and long-term projects. We work seamlessly with your organization to identify project scope, action items, success indicators, and to execute a plan that exceeds your expectations

Public engagement and facilitation

We support your organization in engaging new audiences, be it hosting focus groups, facilitating a conference or collaborating with your community through other meaningful activities

Social media management

Our team works with both organizations and individuals to develop a unique, engaging and effective social media presence. We provide management across multiple channels, including KPI development, copy creation, posting and analytics reporting

Stakeholder engagement

When your organization needs to influence key groups or sponsors, we act as an extension of your leadership team to identify, engage and communicate strategically with your stakeholder network.


Need to translate your communications products for regulatory purposes, or to reach a larger audience? Ask us about our translation capabilities

Video production

Our teams expertise in storyboarding, shooting and editing video will help your organization optimize its visual communications. Whether youre looking for high-impact reels for social media or cinematic brand storytelling to help reach your stakeholders, weve got you covered.

Web design and development

Our digital team designs and builds websites from the ground up, based on your unique organizational needs. We bring the latest solutions to provide custom integrations, regular content management and ongoing maintenance as well.