We’re Going Global!

Significant changes are coming to RegulatoryJobs.ca!

First launched in 2019 as a platform to centralize employment opportunities for Canadian regulatory bodies, interest in the site has grown exponentially.  After listing some 2,000 employment opportunities in four years, a new platform will launch in October with more features to better support employers and recruiters.

Here’s what to expect:

Global presence:

  • RegulatoryJobs.ca will become RegulatoryJobs.org to include opportunities from around the world.  

More than an employment site:

  • Go to RegulatoryJobs.org for:
    • career listings
    • volunteer opportunities
    • Board/Council positions, and
    • Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Many more options:

For HR/recruiters

Use the RegulatoryJobs.org Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a sophisticated software program that assists with recruitment by managing applications and organizing information about job seekers.

Through Regulatoryjobs.org, have employment opportunities listed on LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and more!

Before posting a job, search/find resumes of talent registered on the website.

For Job Seekers

Find employment opportunities in regulation around the world.

Upload resumes and other candidate information for employers and recruiters to search.

Get alerts of new employment opportunities that match specific skillsets and experience.

For Regulatory Service Providers

Find and download Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and other tenders.


Become a member!

Avoid per-listing posting fees, and save on other services with a monthly subscription.

For $299 CAD/month, receive:

  • Unlimited employment, volunteer, Board, RFP listings.
  • 50% off employment opportunity ads in The Registrar magazine.
  • Free employer profile for job seekers.
  • 50% off employment alert broadcast listings (sent to all RegulatoryJobs.org subscribers)


The new RegulatoryJobs.org website launches in November 2023. Sign up to become a RegulatoryJobs.org member before October 30.

All subscription payments waived until January 1, 2024 following the initial membership payment.

All of your career listings, volunteer opportunities, Board/Council positions, and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be posted on RegulatoryJobs.ca at no charge.

Message us today and a Regulatoryjobs.org account manager will contact you.

Regulatoryjobs.org Contact

Message us today and a Regulatoryjobs.org account manager will contact you.