The delicate relationships between governance and operations to achieve organizational success require skillful planning and nurturing. Our team has worked with non-profit organizations and public agencies throughout Canada and abroad, creating solutions to improve decision-making, leadership approaches, and organizational structures.

We provide a full suite of solutions to help establish and grow organizations and manage challenging situations to achieve an organization’s mandate and impact.

Board Development, evaluation, training

The MDR team will work closely to align your Board to the organization’s purpose and mandate.  Use our proprietary assessment tools to support your Board on its governance journey, and develop your team with customized training and evaluation solutions.

CEO performance evaluation

Boards and CEOs share a responsibility to ensure that they create mechanisms for open and meaningful feedback. Our team can work with you to develop a thoughtful CEO evaluation framework that will identify capability, optimize the contribution and impact of the CEO, support the CEO and the board in achieving sustainable results and foster a culture of candid dialogue across the senior team and organization.

Crisis management

Threats can damage your credibility and compromise the trust you have with your stakeholders. Our team can help you prioritize risks, recognize a crisis, and help you manage it effectively to protect or recover your reputation.

Digital modernization

Are you looking to implement tools to modernize your organization or Board? Our experience team can help guide you in the sourcing and seamless implantation of various digital technologies to enhance your workflow operations.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting, training and evaluation

We help companies drive change at the structural and individual levels. Our comprehensive suite of DEI consulting services cultivate workplaces by recognizing employee and stakeholders’ individual experiences, realities, and needs that lead to thriving cultures and spaces where the best work can be done.

Executive talent acquisition

Our Regulatoryjobs Executive Recruitment service enables us to apply the principles of excellence in executive recruitment with unmatched sectoral knowledge and experience that surpass the everyday recruitment agency. We integrate our firm’s management consulting expertise in strategic communications; governance and organizational design; and public engagement to develop a meaningful recruitment strategy. As leading regulatory vendors in the sector, we bring a deep understanding of the issues and trends in licensing and regulation which enables us to reach out to and consult the broad networks we have with leaders and organizations across Canada, in the USA, and oversees.

Governance modelling

Working together with our clients we ensure that non-profit boards of Directors, Board Chairs, CEO’s and Executive Directors more fully understand their roles and responsibilities in executing the valuable work that they do. We highlight and reinforce the notion that boards need to focus on setting direction and ‘steering’ where the boat is going, and chief executives need to focus on ‘rowing’ the boat in that chosen direction.

Interim leadership support

MDR provides interim executives to fill resource limitations. We bring specialized and valuable leadership to any organization and produce results enabling business as usual until a full-time executive is in place and/or a specific project is completed.

Operational evaluation

Our team of evaluation experts can provide your organization with utilization-focused evaluations to help you change for the better.

Organizational start-up

Have a killer idea to set up a non-profit, but need guidance in strategic organizational design? Our team can support your ambition with proven strategic solutions to establish your organization meaningfully and sustainably.

People operations

Your people are your biggest strength. Lean on our expertise to help you recruit the best and the brightest, create policies to streamline your operations, and oversee other important human resources activities.

Performance evaluation

Your employees know how they can impact the company and their careers. Our team of performance experts can transform the way your organization supports their employees by connecting performance evaluations, employee engagement and employee development in one solution.

Policy development review

Whether your policies are related to the day-to-day operations of your organization, or address the needs of an entire community, it is important they are clear, concise, and based in best practices. Policies form the backbone of any organization and require careful consideration of key players, actions, and potential outcomes. We can help you develop new policies or review existing ones to ensure they meet your organizational and community needs.

Project management

Our team of expert project managers can provide advice and structure to your existing or upcoming projects to take them to the next level.

Strategic Planning

A sound strategic plan sets the stage for where you want your business to go and gets your entire organization working together to get there. We can help you create a strategic plan that reflects your vision for your business, aligns your team and defines the actions needed to get there.