Driven by social impact

An agency of deeply passionate professionals, we exclusively serve non-profit organizations and public agencies.

We provide strategic communications, public and stakeholder engagement, and organizational design and leadership solutions for non-profit and public sector organizations in:

  • consumer and public protection
  • poverty reduction and affordable housing
  • sustainability
  • public health

In these uncertain times, many organizations are facing unprecedented challenges. From COVID-19 to an increasingly divided civil society, staffing constraints, and funding challenges, an uncertain and challenging future has become the new reality.

With associates who bring extensive experience working in the sectors we serve, MDR is uniquely qualified and positioned to address complex issues and drive change to influence stakeholders.

Unique team. Winning approaches.

To us, the realities of today drive our passion. Our professional backgrounds, academic achievements, and personal philosophies are inextricably bound to our corporate values.

In an increasingly intense world where breaking news never stops, it’s important to have a fully engaged team that remains in tune with trends and influencers, and legitimately cares about the world in which they live.

Fortunate to have worked on numerous projects ranging from local stakeholder engagement initiatives for community agencies to creating strategic plans for regulatory bodies and designing complex global communications and marketing strategies for the United Nations to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; leaders across Canada and around the world are reaching out to work with MDR.

Why? Because when you combine effective strategies to achieve success with a highly experienced team and an unconditional resolve to make the world a better place, you’ve got that perfect foundation to create meaningful change.

A growing portfolio

Annual Report writing

Our communications team has led Annual Report writing processes for clients, including information and data gathering, writing, editing, design, and production.

Communications Audits

We are providing Canadian regulators with complete 360-degree analyses of their internal and external communications processes and impacts.

Magazine production

We produce a digital publication for an Ontario non-profit organization that is viewed quarterly by more than a quarter million readers.

Organizational transformation

Some organizations undergo significant and radical change, from governance to operations, and outputs.  MDR has worked with organizations in transition with leadership, communications, and public engagement support.

Public engagement

A Manitoba regulatory body, considering significant policy changes, retained MDR to conduct consultations with the public to determine the impact of new legislation on marginalized populations.

Social media management

Several organizations retain us for ongoing content strategy, community management, and content creation. We’ve also produced videos and other digital assets to support their social media plans.

Strategic planning

From discovery to measurement, MDR Strategy Group has helped several clients uncover and address real organizational challenges in a 360-degree strategic planning process – leading action, cultivating change, and placing the public at the heart of it. We put a particular focus on creating inclusive, collaborative environments welcoming differences.

Virtual Conference coordination

We’ve been retained by Ontario and US clients to provide end-to-end virtual conference planning and hosting.

Website development

Several organizations in Canada and abroad have retained MDR to evaluate needs, and design, develop, and manage  websites

Worldwide marketing campaign

We developed marketing materials and messages for the UN and launched a worldwide campaign to promote a tool they use to support their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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